Mushroom picking


Prerequisites for mushroom picking
To deposit the collection fee via post office, online  or tourist office Val Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido, please contact the community in which you would like to collect mushrooms.
a). outside the residence community • deposit the collection fee of 8 euros per day in favor of the municipality in which you want to collect (one-time payment possible for several even days), via tourist organization and online booking
b). within the community of residence and for their own property: only valid personal Identity Card

Comune di Monguelfo-Tesido 14715395

Where can mushrooms be collected?
Only in the municipality for which the collection fee was paid or in the residence community. However, mushroom picking is prohibited in protected areas and where the landowner has erected these signs.

When can mushrooms be collected?
Only on even days between 7 and 19 o`clock. . Private owner, leaseholders and usufructs in their own land without time limits

How many mushrooms can be collected at maximum?
a) Outside the residence community: 1kg per day and person (over 14 years) on even days.
b) In the residence community: 2kg per day and person on even days
c) Private owner, leaseholders and usufructs in their own land: 3kg per day and person.

How must the mushrooms be treated?
The mushrooms
a). must not be damaged in the growing area
b) must be transported in stiff, open and air thorouglhly container



Here you can book mushroom permits online with a credit card: