Autumn Time
Nature in autumn is truly reminiscent of a fairytale landscape

The Season of Pleasure

Let yourself be enchanted by this bright yellow scenery.

Let yourself be enchanted by this bright yellow scenery.
Authentic nature experience near the Dolomites. Countless hiking trails, idyllic alpine pastures and exciting bike routes. Our holiday resort invites young and old to various activities.
In Monguelfo, leisurely walks and a stroll through the shops entice you. The Val di Casies Valley and Tesido offer varied alpine pasture hikes and mountain tours. The temperatures in autumn are ideal for all activities and the beautiful views are a true spectacle. Of course, restaurants and alpine huts are waiting for tired and hungry hikers.

We also have a varied guided Active Programme for you in autumn.

Autumn is the time for the return of cattle
Living tradition

In autumn, the cows and other animals return with the shepherds and alpine dairymen from the alpine pastures to the valley. Traditionally, this happens on the "Kirchtag" (church day) of the respective village. There are also alpine pasture drives and processions. The cows are decorated with wreaths according to the old tradition, original specialities are served and of course there is music and dancing everywhere.



Before the autumn season begins, the CleanUpDays take place. An ideal event to rid the landscape of rubbish. Find out more here.


The "Almhüttenfest" takes place every year on the 3rd Sunday in September and the venue changes every 2nd year.

At the alpine huts you will be spoilt with various regional delicacies and of course there will be a surprise for our little guests at every hut. Musical entertainment is also provided.

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Autumn activities

Autumn is a wonderful time for hiking and exploring the mountains. Before the first snow falls, the last bike rides can be enjoyed.

Often the sun shines in autumn, especially in October, so it's worth spending the afternoon outside, along with a nice walk in the woods. The scent of fresh leaves and the many bright colours make the walk a great experience, both in the sun and in the rain. And of course, time spent in the foliage is a real adventure for the children. You can read about what the forest brings about here.

If you lack the motivation to be active outside, autumn rainy days are made for sleeping in until noon and then spending the afternoon with friends over coffee and cake.

You can find out more about our Active Autumn here.

Opening hours of the alpine huts
Slowly the animals and shepherds leave the alpine pastures

In autumn, as soon as the natural rhythm sets in and the cattle return to the valley, some farmers and shepherds naturally also leave the alpine pastures. This is why one or the other hut is already closed and it is especially important to check the opening hours at this time of year. You don't want to find yourself standing in front of a closed door without a snack.

Free mobility throughout South Tyrol

We are centrally located and equipped with a well-developed network of buses and trains. All excursion destinations are within easy reach. Leave your car at home and travel comfortably and free of charge in summer and winter.


Hiking in Autumn



Underestimated dangers - proper planning is especially important in autumn

The first snow usually falls in autumn and the colder temperatures mean that it usually stays

at higher altitudes.  Therefore, tours along north-facing slopes are particularly dangerous.
The same applies to wet conditions. Whereas some rock passages can be walked comfortably

in dry conditions in summer, they unfold a whole new considerable risk potential in wet conditions.

Cool nights make it take much longer for the stone to dry, or icy patches can occur.  
If you want to be on the safe side, plan tours that don't go so high up. South-facing ascents

make it less likely to encounter unexpected snow.



Hikes should be shorter than in summer

In autumn, the days feel shorter and the nights longer, especially after the time change of winter time,

it gets dark already at 5 pm. This has to be taken into account when hiking in autumn and if in doubt,

you should rather turn back.
Here you can get an overview of the current sunset times.



What applies to clothing applies even more to footwear

In alpine terrain there are always wet and snow-covered passages. Frost can form here and there,

so good footing is the most important thing. The shoes must have an appropriate grip and ideally

they should also be waterproof. Whether low shoes or ankle-high shoes is left to

the discretion of the hiker, the important thing is that they fit well.



Especially in autumn, you have to be prepared with everything when it comes to clothing

The best way to dress is the so-called " two-in-one" look: in short, dress according to the

layering principle. Underwear is followed by a warming layer such as a fleece pullover. If the

weather forecast is good, a jacket that is at least windproof follows. If the forecast is changeable,

a hardshell jacket is recommended to keep snow and rain out.
Another thing that should not be missing: a jacket to put on quickly when taking a break or reaching

the summit. A down jacket (or with wool filling) provides quick warmth and protects the body from

cooling down. A hat and light gloves should also be in your rucksack.


The weather in autumn is usually ideal for hikers, but there are a few things to bear in mind

Beautiful autumn days are therefore great to enjoy and can also be really warm. The autumn sun

should not be underestimated, which is why sun protection is a must in your luggage.
Especially when you are out and about early, it is often still really cold. In addition, draughty winds

are not uncommon. With mixed weather forecasts, there is not only the threat of short rain showers,

but also snowfall. You should be prepared for this.
It is not unusual for the snow line to drop below 1,000 m in autumn. In order to be prepared accordingly,

you should always take a close look at the conditions and adversities in advance of the planned tour.

This means: follow the weather forecast, read the situation report, take altitudes into account.

To be prepared for a possible fog, it is advisable to carry orientation aids (map, GPS device, tour apps).
Here you can find out about the current weather situation in our region



Click here for the current opening times

Many alpine pastures and huts cease their summer operations as early as the

end of September, mid-October. This means that hikers have to find out about the

opening times before they start their tours or arrange their own catering.



In autumn you should adapt your equipment

In addition to summer equipment, these items should find their way into your rucksack:
- Headlamp and/or torch (check beforehand whether the battery is charged or the batteries are full).
- Additional clothing (change of shirt, gloves, hat, hardshell, warm jacket, gaiters)
- Depending on the conditions and the tour: Grödel or crampons and ice axe
- sturdy mountain boots for hitting kicks with the toe cap
- Sunglasses with high UV protection
- if necessary, poles with large plates