CleanUP Days
September 2024

Nature is our habitat, our home, the place where we recharge our batteries. We want to help keep our unique landscape clean. Freeing our nature from rubbish is the goal of the CleanUp Day, which took place this year for the first time here.

From 14 to 17 September 2023, rubbish was diligently collected in the Gsieser Tal - Welsberg - Taisten region and every helping hand was warmly welcomed.  These CleanUPDays were organised by the Patron association, volunteers were asked to pick up free CleanUp Kits at the collection points and take part in this great project.

It's much nicer everywhere without litter - even here at our place. Litter destroys the soil, forests, alpine pastures, mountains, roads but also plants and animals and last but not least us humans.  Let's collect cans, PET bottles, packaging, cigarette butts together and free our environment from these poisons.  

One person alone can't make much of a difference, but together we can make a big impact.