For the love with nature
Creating and preserving habitat
Creating and preserving habitat

We are fully committed to sustainable tourism. This year we are participating in the project: ..... The mindful interaction on the mountain and also in the valley affects us all, whether hikers, skiers or bikers.

Nature touches us, but only if we leave it untouched. The vacation area Val di Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido stands for its alpine areas, mountains and mystical forests; let's protect them together. The careful and respectful treatment of nature and its creatures will allow us to enjoy it close and pristine for a long time. Let's leave enough space for biodiversity to emerge, be and pass away in peace.

Tips for being respectful of nature and organisms:
  1. Planning: I prepare for the tours by paying attention to the weather forecast, carrying the appropriate equipment, putting on sturdy shoes and suitable clothing, as well as taking enough liquids with me.
  2. Mobility: I use public transportation whenever possible.
  3. Parking: I park my vehicle in its designated parking spaces without exception, never in meadows or on the side of the road.
  4. Exercise in nature: I move only on indicated footpaths or cycle tracks.
  5. Private property: I respect the private property of others.
  6. On the way together: I behave considerately and responsibly towards others and nature.
  1. Managed huts: I treat the hosts of shelter and alpine huts with patience and understanding. When using the toilets I consume something.
  2. Noise: I adjust my volume to the quietness of nature and avoid unnecessary noise.
  3. Protection of the flora: I do not pick or collect flowers, berries, mushrooms or other plants.
  4. Fences: By closing fences, I help protect grazing livestock.
  5. Grazing Livestock/Wild Animals: I respect the habitat of animals by keeping my distance and walking quietly past them.
  6. Dogs: I always keep my dog on a leash. I keep a muzzle in my backpack for emergencies.
  7. Fires are forbidden.
  8. Litter: I throw all litter into the disposal bins provided or take it home with me.