41° Gsieser Tal Lauf-Gran Fondo Val Casies
Cross country skiing events at Val Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido
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January 2025
January 2025
Val Casies Dumpling Marathon

The "Dumpling Marathon" takes place every year in January.


If you burn off calories, then you’re certainly entitled to eat well. There is no other event which combines sports, incomparably beautiful countryside and unique gastronomic delights better than the Gsies Dumpling Marathon. Sheer pleasure and enjoyment at the beginning of the year! By the way - a small bus will be at the disposal of all gourmets who prefer to come without their skis. From 11a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

SAT, 15.02.2025 - SUN, 16.02.2025
40. Gsieser Tal Lauf-Gran Fondo Val Casies

This loved ski marathon has been taking place in the Val Casies Valley. Since its start in 1984, this event has never been cancelled. Not even in 2015, the very first year in which it did not snow, the Gsiesertal Lauf still look place thanks to the perfect artificial snow, guaranteed on the 42 km route. Since the very beginning of this sport event, this race has become one of the most well-known and attended races in the whole mountains, totalling 68.025 skiers who crossed the finishing line. It is an international event as there are over 38 represented countries. The race runs along two routes: 30 km and 42 km. Saturday skiers will compete using the classic style, while Sunday will see them competing using the skating style. The Gsiesertal-Kids-Run will also take place on Saturday.