Holiday with your dog
Val di Casies - Monguelfo - Tesido

Holiday with your dog

Your four-legged friend is very welcome here.

When planning the hikes, please take into account your dog's age, size and general state of health. Avoid overexertion at all costs and inform yourself in advance about the current weather conditions ( , the trail conditions and possible places to stop for refreshments. Ideally, you should start early in the morning, avoid big efforts in the midday sun, even in the mountains this should not be underestimated.

Remember to take enough water with you. There may always be tours where there is no water along the way, or there may be dogs that cannot tolerate the ice-cold water at all.


Important to know!


Muzzle obligation

It is compulsory to carry a muzzle. Muzzling is compulsory on public transport and in lifts.


Travelling with your dog

You pay the full fare for your dog on public transport. Dogs that do not exceed a weight of 5 kilograms are exempt. Dogs are allowed in the cabins of the lifts, but there is an extra charge for them.


Excrement bags

Excrement bags are compulsory to carry. Please collect the dog excrement and dispose of it correctly, it is on the one hand a duty and on the other hand a matter of respect.


Compulsory leash

Remember that in South Tyrol it is compulsory to keep your dog on a leash, and there is a fine for non-compliance. Please stay on the signposted hiking trails. Avoid grazing animals at all costs.

In public places the leash may not be longer than 1.5 metres. We recommend taking a tow leash, which gives the dog more freedom in the terrain. Designated free-walking areas and dog playgrounds are exempt from the leash requirement.

First-aid kit for dogs

A first-aid kit for your dog is a necessary item when travelling. It can save lives in an emergency situation. However, it doesn't always have to be an accident; many minor ailments can also be alleviated with the help of a good pharmacy. It is best to ask your vet for advice on what to include in your first aid kit.


Basically, your first-aid kid should include the following:

  • Rounded tweezers to remove dirt and foreign bodies from wounds
  • Scissors with a rounded tip for cutting bandages
  • Tick forceps
  • Digital clinical thermometer
  • Disposable gloves
  • Muzzle / Muzzle bandage
  • Dressing tape
  • Medical adhesive tape for fixing bandages
  • Desinfectant
  • Anti-nausea medication to calm
  • Anti-diarrhoea medication
  • Dog boot (for injuries to the paws)
  • Healing Ointment
  • Wooden spatula (to apply ointmen)
  • Disposable syringes for oral administration of medication
  • Small plastic bags (to collect samples of possible poisons)
For emergencies

For chronically ill animals:

- Sufficient supply of medication that the dog must take regularly

- Veterinary certificate (on the nature and treatment of the disease, in all necessary languages)



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San Candido Dr. Furtschegger Alois Tel.: +39 0474 916273

Bruneck Dr. Beikircher Florian Tel.: +39 0474 412077


Entering Italy

For the entry to Italy you should absolutely consider the following points:

  • The dog must have a valid rabies vaccination. It doesn't matter if it is the one or three year old vaccination, but it must be at least 21 days old.
  • You must take your dog's EU pet passport with you.