Still well protected from the fast pace of this world
Still good before the fast pace of this world

Tradition and customs

Customs, traditions and practices have thus been able to maintain their importance to this day.

Separated by tall mountains and thus still well sheltered from the fast pace of this world, things are much quieter and more peaceful in the Val Casies Valley than in a good many other places. Customs, practices, and traditions have thus maintained their significance to this very day. They have served to safeguard the identity, the expressions of belief, the memories of a good many heroic events and – certainly of no less significance in a valley in which the farms are scattered far and wide over the landscape – the convivial social gatherings.


Music is a common theme. And traditional costumes.

Music is a common theme.  And so are the traditional costumes. Thus during festive occasions and processions, the village bands march by and proudly present flowing skirts, long feathers festooning hats, hand-embroidered socks, and lederhosen.  Each one of the local village bands, whether from Monguelfo-Welsberg, Tesido-Taisten, or Santa Maddalena-St. Magdalena, of course has something special to set it apart. In the Val Casies Valley, even the cows participate in the colorful procession when the livestock march back from the Alpine pastures down into the valley, ringing while swinging their big bellies, in order to spend the winter in the warm barns. Bells, flowers, and green wreaths adorn their necks and their horns. They are driven down from everywhere toward Santa Maddalena, San Martin, Tesido and Colle-Pichl.

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