Val Casies - Monguelfo - Tesido

Outdoor swimming pool Panorama in Monguelfo

Let's go swimming

In the warm summertime, the outdoor swimming pool in Monguelfo-Welsberg is a favorite point of attraction for all those who are looking to be refreshed. The swimming pool is also a favorite destination for hikers who want to relax after a tour in the mountain world of the Val Casies Valley. The area has a fun pool, a large sunbathing lawn, and a volleyball court. For children, even the little ones, there is a separate swimming pool and a nice playground. An adjacent cafe keeps visitors supplied with all kinds of snacks and refreshments.

To the swimming pool


Opening hours: 20.05.2023 - 27.08.2023 daily from 10.00am to 7.00pm
                                Children Adults
Daily ticket   5,00 Euro 6,50 Euro

Evening entry after5.00pm

3,00 Euro 4,50 Euro
10 point ticket 35,00 Euro 50,00 Euro
Seasonal ticket 55,00 Euro 100,00 Euro

New: Family Card-seasonal





1 parent + 1 child

1 parent + 2 children

2 parents + 2 children


140,00 Euro

190,00 Euro

280,00 Euro