Hike on the "Talblickweg" in Val Casies Valley

Val Casies Valley - Monguelfo - Tesido
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The Talblickweg - View-over-the-Val Casies Valley route
An easy hike on the nature trail

Starting point: several opportunities of joining the route
Length of the tour: 35 km
Circular hiking tour
09:30 h
Difficulty: easy *
Difference in altitude: max. 797 m
Information: * we recommend, however, to only do a part of the route

Route data
34,0 km
9 h 47 min
1.033 m
1.033 m
Technical skills
Physical condition
Highest point
1.596 m
Lowest point
1.186 m

As the name suggests, this walk offers a particular instructive view of the Val Casies Valley, not only from one viewpoint, but from endless ones. Considered as a whole, the “View-over-the- Val Casies Valley” route represents an even hiking route that is uniformly marked with white dots and well signposted, circuiting the entire Val Casies Valley just little over the bottom of the valley. Following partly the old valley road and partly access roads to farms and other forest roads, the route takes you from the Monguelfo/Tesido area on one side of the valley to the head of the valley near San Maddalena and back again on the opposite side. The route is suitable for young and old alike and enchants hikers with its pine-scented woods, flowering meadows, traditional Val Casies farmhouses and pretty villages and hamlets. Experience this interesting walk, its characteristics, and the beautiful natural and cultural landscape of the Val Casies Valley on foot and off the main roads. Due to the considerable length of the route, however, we suggest to only do a section of the entire hike. Several circular walks are possible that can be started or ended in Monguelfo, Tesido, Colle, San Martino, S.Maddalena or many other locations. Due to the multiple route possibilities, we won’t give a detailed route description. With the help of a hiking map and exact observance of the signposts, you can’t miss your chosen route.

>To the gastronomic establishments



How to get there

Arrival by public transport

From Monguelfo:

  • By regional train (no. 400) to Monguelfo/Welsberg.
  • From Monguelfo by bus (no. 441) into la Val Casies Valley.

From Tesido and the Val Casies Valley:

  • By bus (no. 441) into la Val Casies Valley.

Info: The Guestpass Holidaypass entitles the holder to the unlimited use of all public transportation (including regional rail travel) in all of South Tyrol-Südtirol throughout the entire year. You will receive the travel pass free of charge from your accommodations if they are a member of the Tourist Board Val Casies-Monguelfo-Tesido.

>See here for the bus & train timetable

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