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Former main water station of the „Südbahn“ (Southern Railway)

The octagonal, striking tower of the water station, together with the reception building, the storage shed with loading ramp according to type plans by Wilhelm von Flattich and the railway dwellings to the east planned by Angiolo Mazzoni in 1926, form a railway ensemble steeped in technical history. The water reservoir, a unique landmark of railway buildings from the “k.k. Monarchie” (imperial and royal monarchy), was inaugurated in 1871. It was placed under monument protection by decision of the regional government in 2004 and has been the property of the municipality since 2010. In the era of steam locomotives, the water station had the function of a regular filling station, which was fed by the natural gradient of the high springs, south of the railway line, by means of a gravity pipe (communicating vessels). As the trains had a stopover of around 15 minutes to refuel the locomotives, the water filling of the tenders (storage wagon) and usually the deslagging of the ash box and the re-fuelling of the coal were carried out at the same time.


39030 Monguelfo-Tesido / Monguelfo
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