The Thurn ruins are located on the right above the Gsieserbach stream, opposite Welsperg Castle on a wooded hill. It can be reached by an easy walk, which can also be combined with a visit to Welsperg Castle.

The square keep of the Thurn ruins is approx. 22 m high and still in relatively good condition. Only a few parts of the walls of the older part (old castle) are still visible, while the newer part (new castle) has some remains of 3m-thick walls.

Thurn Castle was built in the 13th century. However, it was abandoned to its own fate in the middle of the 17th century, with no one taking care of the castle any more. On May 15, 1765, a fire broke out which destroyed the castle and also caused extensive damage to Welsperg Castle. The castle was never rebuilt, but the nearby farm was. Today, Thurn Castle is still owned by the Counts of Welsperg.

Source of information: "Tiroler Burgenbuch - Thurn bei Welsperg, Alexander von Hohenbühel"
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